Our inspiration comes from 15th century tribal story named El Dorado - the city of infinite gold, where many emperors and tribes spent a lot of their lifetime to find the treasure and in the process they made hundreds of alliance with other ambitions finders through barter.

Gamers have similar mentality of ambitions finders and tribes like in El Dorado, who spend a lot of time playing games on mobile. What if we tell them they would find infinite treasure while playing their favorite games and allow them to barter with other gamers? It will automatically build the biggest active gaming community that barters their gaming goods like kin, keys, game cards, UC, comics etc. while raising their itch to play and engage more.

What it does

LootBox - El Dorado is an Android app once installed and activated in user's phone acts as a treasure finder machine and will automatically find the locked treasure boxes that contain kin surprise, key combinations to open treasure and other gaming valuables, whenever user plays any game and add them to user's FOUND TREASURE list.

With these found treasure boxes and collected keys, user can open the treasure and claim the hidden Kin surprises and other gaming valuables in the box.

Users can barter their unused keys on kin-powered marketplace to earn/spend Kin and to collect the keys combination they need to open their treasure boxes.

Leaderboard for Top Sellers (top Kin earners) and Buyers(top Kin spenders) on Marketplace motivates users to participate in social kin-based trade or barter of gaming goods.

How is Kin used in our app?

LootBox - El Dorado is built around two addictive components in gamers life, one is games and another one is rewards and surprise mechanics. We used Kin as a rewards inside treasure which make users to stick on to their efforts to open treasure boxes and we used kin as a form of currency in our marketplace, where gamers use it to buy/sell unused treasure boxes and keys.

Potential Business Model

The treasure found depends on the time spent, games played and location. For example, PUBG might have a 10M Kin grand treasure in it and other games might have differential treasure. We can use this to drive more engagement to games who promote themselves on our platform.

How I built it

  1. Android,
  2. Kin SDK
  3. AWS + Python
  4. Enthusiasm to build for my gaming community.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being a game designing company, we feel proud to build a tool for gamers that would keep them stay curious and connect them with other gamers peer.

What I learned

*Gamers love rewards, lootboxes, barter and surprises. :) * Mobile gaming industry has 500M+ daily gamers.

What's next for LootBox - El Dorado

We want to be showcased as the platform that drive users and engagements to the games and we want to be go-to-app where gamers come together to socialize.

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