Grab your sword, shield and keyboard and march towards adventure, towards loot!

What is Loot

Loot lets you view your entire list of items, from chairs to computers and screens. We give the user a nice clear way to view his items, and trade them when he needs to.

What can you do

  1. My Inventory View and filter your entire list of items, search through them and see their history. Viewing an item lets you see who gave it to you and when, mark items that you don't need any more so you can put them up for grabs or pass them on to a different user.

  2. The Marketplace Search for items and listings made by other users.

  3. Item shop (Order Items) Need something new? Use the order item option to request new equipment and we will send it to the relevant distributer.

  4. Manage the organization's equipment Grab statistics on all registered equipment and follow the transactions that happen. View which part of organization uses the most equipment and how much of it is actually in active use.

Connecting the User details with his registered equipment

When researching Loot we saw the great need to connect the user information (status, profession and general details) with his list of registered items.

  • Leaving the unit for a couple of month? automatically transfer your items to your superior (or designated individual) for safe keeping, holding it as safe nontransferable equipment until you come back.
  • Leaving active duty? automatically put all of your equipment on the marketplace or give it to someone.
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