We wanted to build something using Loopring Protocol. Their protocol can allow users to engage in orders that are filled in a circular fashion. This tool provides better liquidity and a lot of potential for arbitrage.

What it does

Using the protocol's smart contracts, we built a wallet that allows users to engage in p2p transactions. This can be extended to utilize the full power of their ring matching smart contracts to allow a circular matching of orders.

How I built it

We connected our computers using port forwarding, and forwarded this to our phones. Then using the Loopring protocol, we executed p2p transactions. These transactions were triggered by generating/scanning QR codes on our phones.

Challenges I ran into

Broken Sample Code :(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out how to use Loopring's confusing Protocol.

What I learned

How to execute transactions using QR codes.

What's next for LoopRing4rus

This can be extended by using NFC technology to execute this transaction. We could have also used the full potential of Looprings circular transactions by allowing a group of people to use this to execute all their transactions in a circle.

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