Traveling is hard these days - we spend hours on the 401 highway during rush hours or on weekends just to get from Waterloo to Toronto. But have you noticed that 60-70 percent of cars on the high traffic route have no passengers other than the driver? Carpooling with other people would certainly make traffic better and lives easier, and wouldn't having an app that does all the carpool searching for you be even more awesome?

What it does

Looprac is a carpool matching web application that lets drivers and passengers find each other easily, provides customized carpool offerings with just one click and makes carpool booking like a breeze.

The main interface is a Google map with a tab to switch between driver and passenger along with several text boxes asking the user for origin, destination, departure time, arrival time (and seats available for drivers). Drivers can click on "Offer a Ride" to post a carpool trip upon sign up/log in. On the other hand, passengers can simply click on "Search", view all the customized carpool offerings (i.e. Origin, destination and departure/arrival time that best match the request) and request to "Book" when they would be taken to a different page that shows the driver's contact info and the terms for booking. Upon agreeing with the conditions and contacting the driver, a booking is completed.

## How we built it We use the Google Map direction and geolocation API extensively for supporting the location search and calculating the time and distance of traveling. In addition, we write the core matching algorithm in Go and the API for providing trip info and user authentication in Ruby on Rails.

What's next for Looprac

We are looking into building better user profile interface and optimizing the matching algorithm to account for more complex situations.

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