"Crypto trading happens right from traders' wallets, on-chain" (From Loopring website)

DEX trading is a new trend in the Blockchain community, and there is a lack of full-featured implementation of good end users interfaces. So we decide to change this!

What it does

The main feature for Loopring Wallet - it's own URL-scheme for the possibility to open or download wallet and send transactions, trade on Loopring DEX and do whatever you want. During developments we did the full analysis of the wallet and made a bunch of improvements:

  • stop loss feature
  • new UI elements
  • improvement in UX
  • fixed bugs with autocompletion and logic structure

How we built it

Coded a native swift app in XCode

Challenges we ran into

12 hours to get into the new field. Thanks to the Loopring team for collaboration!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Trading works in the right way in the end. :tada:

What we learned

A bunch of algorymic trading things works very different on DEX, so we have to re-BUIDL a lot of normal economic primitives in out implementation!

What's next for Loopr Wallet Enhancements

We plan to become further involved in the development of potential leader DEX exchanges

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