After noticing that other people commonly used the ‘Break’ app at school to edit their grades, we tried to download the app… only to find that it was unavailable on Android. Due to time constraints, we decided to create a Chrome extension that all students can use instead of the phone, as virtually everyone has access to Google Chrome.

What It Does

The chrome extension we made, LoopHole, allows users to manipulate, add, and change assignments in Schoolloop. This way, users will be able to see what they need for certain assignments and tests to maintain a certain grade.

How We Built It

To build this extension, we used multiple languages including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We used JavaScript to do all of the data analysis, part of the UI, and all of the logic behind our code. The rest of the UI was made in HTML - like the new table rows and text boxes. To web scrape data from the webpage, JQuery was essential and the paths for all of our items were found in CSS. CSS was also used to do all of the styling for our UI.

Challenges We Faced

This is the first time we have made a Chrome extension or used jQuery, so it was very difficult to find out how to make our vision into reality. Debugging the various issues that came up throughout the development process was another major challenge we faced. Overcoming these challenges was a great experience because we were able to learn from every single mistake that we made, and in the future, we can approach a task like this with much more confidence.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We are proud to be able to create a Chrome extension with many different functionalities. Considering the fact that we learned jQuery today, we are proud of the fact that we were able to learn how to implement it very quickly. Most importantly, we are glad that we finished with a working product that may be used by many students in the future with some new features and improvements.

What We Learned

We learned how to use jQuery. Although it was very frustrating and annoying, we were able to manage to learn and implement jQuery. With this frustration however, we did learn patience and perseverance. We learned to not give up if something doesn't work instantly and keep finding the solution until it works.

What's Next For LoopHole

We plan to create a similar but improved version of this in an application format (Android and IOS). This app would have additional features such as a GPA calculator, themes, and being able to change the weightage of categories. We would also like to improve the algorithm we utilize for web scraping in order to collect required data faster and output to the screen more efficiently.

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