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  • Digital Collectibles

What it does

Loopbomb is a dynamically evolving artwork, an art mixing engine cycling through visual elements pulled from an ever expanding image bank. It's a game of luck, taste & timing where players can freeze & claim a temporal, unique digital collectible.

Images used in Loopbomb are either newly created or sourced & modified. All sourced images adhere to intellectual property & “fair use” legal guidelines relating to Collage art.

How We built it

Loopbomb was built by a small team of dedicated art lovers and technologists to promote the use of bitcoin & blockstack technology. Primarily it's a javascript SPA built using the Vue js. User data is stored in the users gaia storage, it also has a small websocket enabled server side spring boot java 11 micro-service that watches the bitcoin blockchain for payments for the loopbomb service. The service is hosted over https from a Debian VM on a linode cloud server.


  • Retaining image quality on final render
  • Cross-Browser & Cross-device consistency

What We learned

There's always more than meets the eye.

What's next for Loopbomb

  • R&D on robust blockchain solution for digital collectibles
  • Streamline performance, UX & UI
  • More payment options
  • Promotions drive
  • Build team
  • Continually expand visual content
  • Integrate global gallery/secondary market for buying, selling & a ranking system
  • Port to iOS & Android app stores
  • Physical limited edition collectible cards

Built With

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posted an update

I worked on Loopbomb with Morris - really great to bring his vision to life. There have been many iterations, many meetings scrutinising the art engine getting - fine tuning the randomness involved. It uses html5 canvas and has been a joy to build...

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