Found a random post on reddit where a person doing eternity loop effect with After effect.

What it does

On After effect the person rotoscope himself and with some scripting knowledge and via plugins he manages to loop himself in an endless spiral.

How I built it

So, I figured it out we can use Body segmentation instead of manual rotoscope, and with simple math logic in JavaScript I can do something similar to the reference effect with my own touch.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge I faced was replicate the person texture with body segmentation and arrange all stacks in endless loop of spiral or circle. Second, I tried to pull the effect manually and this took too much RAM so I dropped the approach and jump into traditional scripting method.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

More often I develop Beauty and color lenses developing this kind of special effect lens is definitely is kind of achievement for me

What I learned

Before getting into traditional scripting, I tried out pull it off by using Material editor, (using node base knowledge) but I'm not close to what I want so in the journey I learned more about the shader-based knowledge that I can use in my further projects.

What's next for Loop Down

With this effect I can create numbers of illusion effect definitely.

Built With

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