What brought us here :

Being developers ourselves, we constantly run into the need to be able to connect with each other as well as new coders and developers. We realized being a full stack developer alone, is quite a challenging and time consuming occupation! We are originally meant to be creators but to make our visions a reality alone is a daunting task, but once you have collaborated with like minded individuals who have the same passion as you, it really is all fun and games. We wanted to make all this possible in a simple yet highly effective way. We proudly introduce LOOP - Connecting Developers _With our app you will always be in the loop! _

How does LOOP help :

~ We help connect developers based on the skills they possess and the skills they require to become full-stack. ~ Users get a notification if a coder with the required skill-set is close to them. ~ Seamless contact exchange with the near-by feature, especially beneficial for seminars and meetups. ~ Contacts once added stay in each other's lists for probable future collaborations as well. ~ An all new shout-out system to ask for help with ongoing work and have developers reply to your shout-out or let the app find one near you. ~ Never loose a connection and view others in need of help and join them in their advent! ~ Connect with devs on the go and really kick start your projects. ~ Bridging the gap of internet and physical realm.

Code code code and some more code.....

Honestly we got into this and treated it like a real-time hackathon. It's been a hell of a last few days with some steep challenges. We began with the architecture and devised an agile parallel work flow between the two of us to save on time, and integrate directly into a production ready environment. We constantly bounced between UI/UX, code implementation and stage wise error handling. Ran into a lot of troublesome bugs, but that's always the case with crunch time projects! Finally after a few days of almost no sleep and dreams of algorithms we had gotten our project ready with a really satisfactory outcome.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part according to us was having the whole utility factor while still balancing it out with elements of fun to keep the users engaged. Keeping the communication simple yet without loss of any relevant information was not as easy as we had originally perceived. And of course getting it all to stick in our limited time frame was quite a task to say the least.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing this project from start to end in three days is something that we will be patting each others backs for, for a long time to come. Making our vision into a fully working prototype which really addresses the need.

What we learned

We learned that although the internet is full of amazing and fabulous developers, there is little to no probability of knowing that they are around you and could actually just be a shout away. If we were able to make LOOP a reality it would bring us developers closer to each other and move towards the better, with encouraged teamwork. It's really elementary that two will always be greater than one!

Probable future of loop - connecting developers

With this project just in its nascent stages, there is a world of possibilities to explore. We could move into assigning teams so that one can stay in touch with developers and keep a track of active projects. Shout-outs could be further enhanced for skill-set combos and increased or decreased duration's. Auto connect to all near-by, say you are in a large gathering. Once the platform is set and there is considerable data to play around with, we can gradually bring in elements of machine learning to further enhance each user's experience and problem solving.

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