With more than 100 customers in the sales productivity space, Maestro has repeatedly heard the need for connecting performance coaching with immersive training opportunities.  Partnering with salesforce.com is a natural way to leverage the platform’s robust data analytics and performance coaching to direct targeted sales training to individuals' needs.  Salesforce and salesforce apps are brilliant at identifying the activities and behaviors that are keeping reps from obtaining their quota.  Only objections stand in the way of making a sale.  With the right knowledge and skills, reps can effectively resolve their customers concerns one by one until they close the sale.  

Loop provides the environment for identifying relevant objections, sharing best practices for handling them, and rehearsing objection handling in real-time with live feedback from a sales coach.  Using salesforce as an objection-handling engine by connecting objections to call notes we provide administrators with the ammo they need to build scenarios to train reps, and give reps the ability to understand the objections and learn how to overcome them.  Through live 1 on 1 synchronous video and document sharing, sales managers can easily hold their reps accountable to messaging and resolving objections effectively.  As role plays are recorded, reps or managers have the ability to share the role-play as an example of what good looks like.  This can then be socialized through chatter to encourage others to participate and continue to build intuitive muscle memory on overcoming objections.

The ROI for a tool like this is highly quantifiable. Overcoming objections from customers has a direct impact on increasing sales which makes improving objection handling an attractive problem to solve.  This simple story and the convenience of running the app off of the salesforce platform make this product an easy win in the market place.

Unlike other role-play practice products on the market, Loop uniquely offers synchronous video chat and document presentation on a mobile device.  This gives reps access to practice overcoming objections in real-time with peers or by themselves anywhere, anytime.  Synchronous video role-play enables sales reps to get immediate feedback on  performance, get their questions answered, receive coaching, and correct their performance all in one sitting.

Loop is a native iPad app written in objective-c.  It uses salesforce for user authentication, tracking user progress, and building out objection handling scenarios.  It communicates with salesforce via custom APEX REST controllers to give us greater flexibility in how the information is delivered.  It also uses salesforce as a conduit to integrate with Heroku to manage video session authentication.  By incorporating this into the architecture, we can phase in new video solutions and other technologies while maintaining one set of APIs to salesforce giving us greater flexibility for future technology changes.  

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