Inspiration The older we get the harder it becomes to exercise. This may be due to a couple of reasons like Social Isolation, Fear of Failing or Muscle Atrophy.

What it does So we built a running companion using Loomo Segway Robot which can inspire you to run. It can also play music for you based on your mode. It can talk to you and provide information whenever you need it. So just ask whatever you want to.

How I built it We used Segway Loomo Robots ad integrated several features like voice input, real-time object detection using computer vision and keep track health of user's using machine learning.

Challenges I ran into To move the robot at the same speed as users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of FollowMe feature of our robot which uses Computer Vision to track real-time object and follow them when needed.

What I learned How to use opencv on android and how to integrate voice input feature into a physical robot.

What's next for Loomo : A life Companion

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