"Do you remember when you feel so good with the result of your haircut that you wished you could replicate this moment...but then, when you return to a next haircut, the result was totally different and frustrating. Or when you try to search online for a haircut reference and the results show only unrealistic top models... you doubt you could look good like they look, and you are also ashamed to show their photos at the salon? Right? Come on ... You need to LooksGood!

What it does

With LooksGood club, you can take a picture of your great haircut to use as a reference for your next haircut. You can also tag your hair type, haircut style, salon and products, and post it in our database, so other can look good as well. Now imagine what we can do in the future with all this dedicated and cured data? We all should LooksGood! "

How I built it

HTML, SASS and Javascript web application that accesses users media (camera) to capture tag and share his/her new haircut style.

Challenges I ran into

Define what was the right elements we could implement in order to better communicate our idea in such a short time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To develop an innovated idea that approaches an untouched market. High scale capabilities. Supports both users and business owners by providing a low cost and high visibility channel.

What I learned

Exciting feedbacks from other groups that visited our desk. "I would definitely use Looks Good Club."

What's next for Looks Good Club

A more robust implementation; implement a secure and structured database, and establish a partnership with local barbershop business to support with marketing penetration.

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