Lookr is a portable device that allows visually impaired people to detect obstacles in their way. It beeps when objects are within a feet, and it vibrates when objects are within two meters.

We built Lookr by programming an ATtiny that was placed within a 3D printed box, which was designed in SolidWorks. Also, an HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor was placed inside the box to detect obstacle proximity.

Challenges we ran into making the cases. Also programming ATtiny was difficult and required a lot of troubleshooting with an ISP programmer made out of an Arduino.

We are proud of the design and portability of Lookr. Lookr is very cute.

We learned that the design of technologies is very important and creating something that is aesthetically pleasing is difficult.

Wifi connectivity and a camera will be installed into Lookr so that it will be able to identify in addition to detect objects.

Built With

  • 3d-printing
  • a-story
  • arduino
  • attiny
  • hc-sr04
  • solid-works
  • voltage-boost-converter
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