We created Lookout, an interactive website where students can learn about phishing scams and upvote the ones they've seen.

Authors: Allie Rauner (@arauner2), Sage Delfino (@sagedelfino), Arturo Tepale Aguilar (@atepag), Thomas Ward (@tward-3)

Phishing is the leading cause of data breaches, accounting for around 90% of them. For a mid-size company, the average cost of a phishing attack is $1.6 million. While there are tools to prevent the delivery of phishing emails to end users at universities and organizations, phishers are constantly evolving and many emails still get through. The best way to guard against the emails that slip through is through user education.

Lookout is a platform for an IT department as well as students to submit the phishing emails that they are seeing. These emails are likely to be getting to other students on campus. When a student sees a suspicious email, they can check on Lookout to determine if it is in fact a phishing email. They can then upvote the entry to help the IT department determine how widespread certain phishing campaigns are as well as to make them more visible to students who are looking on Lookout.

Preventing against phishing attacks through user education provides a large financial benefit to businesses and universities. It can prevent the loss of funds as well as the loss of intellectual property or sensitive user data.

In the future, Lookout can be further integrated into a university's systems to make use of pre-existing authentication. This would prevent outside users from spamming Lookout's systems.

This project was generated with Angular CLI version 8.3.23. This project uses Angular Material for components. Google Firebase was used for the database.

Most of our team was not experienced with front-end development, so a lot of progress was made in learning about Angular and web development. Our team also gained experience using Git to develop code simultaneously as well as Photoshop to create graphics for our website.

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