With this we are solving 2 major problems. First allowing customers to limit the need for real-communications with any sales clerk and having to hassle with the slow process of clerks checking inventory and checking out the product.

What it does

Point (Look) at an object and buy it right there.

How we built it

Clarifai API + T-Mobile Ecommerce API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

+90% Accuracy on product identification

What we learned

We learned the complexities of CV. Once we were able to train the system we were finally able to put the final touches on the product.

What's next for LookMoney

Next is the experience of the user. We want to integrate this into the future of AR and image recognition interfaces. This application could be adapted into devices such as glasses with screen interfaces showing options to buy products to consumers.

Also further implementations with with storefront smart systems will allow people to walk out with the product without the need to interact with any sales clerks.

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