Scrolling with just your eyes! It's the future (maybe?)

We had loads of fun making this hack, and none of us had met each other before. This project was super stressful to produce, but we produced something that works pretty well that we can be proud of.

Many thanks to the people who made the WebGazer API, without that API this hack would definitely not have been possible!


Jarl in our team was tired of having to scroll down whilst trying to eat breakfast, and we thought why not make a Chrome extension to help solve this problem? We were aware of an interesting API called WebGazer that can track the location of a user's gaze relative to their screen, so we went from there.

What it does

Our Chrome extension will scroll your page up or down (or not at all) depending on where you are looking!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! Also the fact that none of us had met each other before this hack, and we all worked so well in a team.

Challenges we faced

Lots of weird Javascript bugs, not using a dependency manager, general tiredness. The biggest problem we had was the fact that laptop cameras aren't great, combine this with the fact that the API isn't perfect either, and we got a few mixed results. Overall the project generally works pretty well, though.

What's next for our project?

The next steps are to get some GPS features enabled (different face models for different locations). Secondly we would really like to iron out some of the bugs in the app to make using the app a more fluid experience.

Download it!

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