All lockdrop investments have been made on projects’ own websites. Investors should find scattered information of lockdrop projects on their own, and project launchers should promote and conduct all the lock&drop processes. This is why we devised Lockdrop aggregator platform, LookLock.

What it does

In a nutshell, LOOKLOCK is a lockdrop aggregator platform on Polygon. This project introduces all lockdrop projects to the polygon ecosystem. It's a win-win option for both the project launcher who wants to proceed with lockdrop event and user who wants to participate in lockdrop. We can help investors efficiently access and contribute to new lockdrop events and project launchers launch lockdrop events effectively with the pool of users who have an interest in lockdrop.

How we built it

Looklock is a web-app project built with React framework (front), MongoDB(back), and Solidity(contract).

Challenges we ran into

The current lockdrop system causes some problems and we wanted to solve these:

  • Scattered information causes higher barriers for potential investors.
  • Project launchers, which are new and unknown to the ecosystem, have a limit of attracting lockdrop investors.
  • Fundmentally lockdrop is still unfamiliar token allocation method that launchers and investors suffer to participate in, as a result lockdrop has a limitation to be popularized.

Knowing these limitations of lockdrop, we thought about how to increase accessibility.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We discovered the potential of a token distribution method called "Lockdrop" and unified and simplified lockdrop procedures to increase accessibility.

What we learned

We’ve learned more about lockdrop and DeFi, and how they are powerful and could change the world.

What's next for Looklock

  • Building Looklock own community
  • Mainnet distribution
  • LOLO token IDO
  • Dapp launching
  • price oracle Integration

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