LookFWD - Preventing you from yourself

LookFWD is a chrome extension that prevents procrastination!

There I was, walking to my desk and ready to get some work done. I go on my laptop and open up tabs to facebook, youtube and gmail. The usual suspects. You can predict what happened next.

We've all been there. Two days before a deadline, you motivate yourself to work the rest of the day. And somehow you end up watching DIY cooking videos, one after another and scrolling endlessly through your Facebook newsfeed. As students, we know this situation all too well.

LookFWD was originally inspired by my efforts to prevent this type of procrastination. At the start of the winter break, I dedicated myself to logging out of Facebook prior to closing the browser, and before I knew it I was only logging back on to Facebook once or twice a day to check messages.

It seems that periodical reminders to stay on task can keep you in focus. By consistently asking you if watching an Entertainment video is the best choice 12 hours before a midterm, LookFWD aims to reduce procrastination, even if by a little bit. LookFWD will give warnings based on the category and metadata of the content being loaded by the browser and provide analytics based on the amount of time spent on non-educational videos

We can prevent procrastination together!

General Functionalities:

  1. Reminds and alerts users when they're off task
  2. Blocks out thumbnails/clickbait along with preventing seamless youtube video streaming and facebook news feed scroll
  3. Scrapes Youtube and Facebook to hide comments on both platforms and videos on youtube based on categories
  4. Provides inspirational quotes throughout the blocking of information
  5. Provides analytics data visualization based on user activity via Chrome.storage API and Chart.js API

Technologies used: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Chart.js API, Youtube SPF API, URI.js API, and various Chrome extension APIs

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