a. Name of the app* LookAt U

b. Idea What exactly do you want your app to do? Help in selecting best outfit for a particular occasion.

How are you going to make it appeal to users? Cut time by selecting dress from your phone and since it’s on your phone you can do it while commuting or any other activity you’re doing

What problem is it going to solve? Find out how do I look without trying too many on; Time-saving; lifelike images of myself

How will it simplify life for people? You don’t have to walk to wardrobe everyday for selecting the appropriate clothes just pick it on phone and then take those ones out. Saves time of putting back clothes which you took out but don’t want to wear as well. Target Audience female who spend time trying many outfits to find out the perfect one

How to Market? Create accounts and pages in social media (FB, TW, YTB etc.) and introduce LookAt U. Use gif photos and videos, making before/After changes. First promote among college students and establish first batch of users and database.

How to Monetize? LookAt U will be free for end users. Users can take photos of their clothes in their wardrobe and digitalize them. They can also import pictures from google, fashion websites, etc. Based on our user database and cloud computing, we can make suggestions to users what they wear the most, what they import into the app. Suggestions will come from sponsors.

Competition http://www.stylewhile.com/#demo



They don’t use a figure of yourself. They create a virtual image of yourself in accordance with some body type input like your height and weight to then create an avatar or digital image of someone similar to yourself.

Feature Cores


Create basic profile Upload/Edit image of your body Hats & Scarfs Shirts & Blouses Cardigans & Sweaters Blazers & Suits Dresses Skirts Pants & Shorts Leggings Jackets & Coats Blazers Create More Your Wardrobe Save to local storage

Optional: Share/Save MyLook via: Facebook Recover Password

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