A closet full of clothing with no ideas on how to wear them. We want to help users recognize the value that already exists within their closet. When the fashion industry has a market value of 1.9 trillion USD, it's easy to see just how much people spend on clothing. However, this can get expensive fast - both financially and regarding the environment. With Lookalike, users can receive suggestions on what they can wear out of the clothing they already have.

What it does

Lookalike allows you to ask a voice assistant for a clothing suggestion based on the key words "I want to look like". This could be inspiration from celebrities, events, the weather, etc. - the possibilities are endless. Users must create a virtual closet with all their clothing in order to receive suggestions. If users submit photos of their daily outfits, they can gain useful analytics on which pieces they wear the most, their typical style, etc.

How we built it

The voice command call on Google Cloud functions to search for inspiration photos, determine the outfit, and send the final recommendation. It is built using Voiceflow. The website was expanded on using a Django template and wireframes we created. The email is sent using Twilio. Google Vision identifies the clothing in photos.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to host the images users uploaded using Cloudinary but there was difficulty getting any tutorials to work on our website. There were also additional problems getting the website hosted on Google Cloud Platform and Heroku.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of build a voice project for the first time. We have never ventured into this medium before but Voiceflow helped make the process easier. Furthermore, we are proud to create a hack that tries to help reduce our users' impact on the environment. We believe innovation is one of the most important tools against global warming and pollution.

What we learned

We learned more about Django and how website hosting works, domains, apis, etc. From the hackathon, we developed our skill set regarding fast-paced development, UI, communication, time management, and team work.

What's next for Lookalike

We'd like to transfer the website into a mobile app so that users can . We'd also like to expand the commands that the user is able to ask the voice assistant.

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