🎇 Inspiration 🎇

Aftermath of the Covid-19 is such that people face hard time finding the right path for themselves due to an abundance of resources and 80% of the people who sit for the interviews at various societies/clubs/companies gets rejected. So, We developed an app where we provide an environment, a community full of knowledgeable peoples, a platform to discuss all the problems with Mentees via chat or video call !!

❓ What it does ❓

The app is targeted to solve the existing problem of networking and consequential deficit in personality and skill development that newcomers to a college/university face. This problem becomes a crisis when the aforementioned tasks are asked to be carried out amidst situations like a pandemic. By the medium of our app, we foster an environment, a community that builds a network, a platform of interaction between the mentors and mentees - where they can chat or video call each other and thus get holistically developed in whatever field they deem necessary.

🤷‍♂️ How we built it 🤷‍♂️

We built it with technologies like Flutter, Firebase and Dart.

😫 Challenges we ran into 😫

One of the significant challenges that took our lot of time while building this app was the slot booking of the mentor. To make it visible to the mentee whether a particular mentor has an available slot or not; it had to be executed time and again to bring it to perfection, yet in order to make the networking process efficient and more sustainable this was one crucial feature of the app, so we gradually came through with it.

🎊 What we learned 🎊

  • We learned how to work quickly with Dart.
  • We also learned how to use various packages in a effective way.
  • We had a lot of fun and learnings in flutter by using it.

    🚀 What's next for Look-up 🚀

  • Our next step would be to move onto getting more financially stable investors to help us find our way through times where mentors are busy with their personal schedules and platform is in a state of vaccum.

  • We can add some productivity and mental health features like providing Health tips, Exercises/Yogas to follow, and some expert insights for which we can charge the subscription fee.

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