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  • Passion to create something to help make the learning process more interactive

What it does

  • Creates a 3D visualization for an object.

Use Look-Into-Form to teach geometry and structure of any shape, or particularly any structure.

This AR tool wants to enhance teacher's capabilities and provide possibilities to show things that cannot be shown with physical tools, or within the classroom.

How I built it

I built this project based on Augmented reality , particularly using the A-Frame library and HTML5.

Challenges I ran into

I presently could not take out the physical copy of the Hiro marker, so I just kept the marker tab open in laptop, and ran the site using my mobile phone to visualize my object.

What I learned

  • Uses of AR/VR in other fields.
  • How to use Augmented Reality in real world.
  • Different methods in which Augmented Reality can be useful to create a more advanced learning environment.

Additional points to note for Look Into Form

  • ->Use the physical copy of the Hiro marker (given below) and keep it in front of the webcam to visualize the 3-D object. Make sure that there must be some white space available around the marker, so that it can be recognized. Hiro Marker
  • One can use a 3D Model based on his/her choice, but the model should be in GLTB format. That is, the file extension should be .glb
  • While adding a different model for visualization, it should be added particularly in the "assets" folder only.
  • If the project is used for visualizing different shapes, then the particular shape can be added to the code by changing the current shape, which is the cube.

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