My mom is always making mental notes of where bathrooms are. I thought I'd make her an app to easily find them!

What it does

Search and display information about bathrooms near the user's current location

How we built it

It was built with ReactJS, Google Maps API, and AWS (Not fully implemented)

Challenges we ran into

Using third party library components in React (google-maps-react) Using API Gateway for the first time and trying to connect the React front end with the cloud services

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Built React App from ground up. Completed a proof of concept for the idea

What we learned

How to use google-maps-react component, better understanding of React, fundamentals of JS, CSS, HTML

What's next for Loocator

A lot! There are a ton of features we'd like to implement after this: add more user functionality, login/register users, user comments and rating system for bathrooms

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