As students on large college campuses, we often run into the situation of being in a building with which we are unfamiliar, whether we are new to the campus or have been there for many years. As a result, it is oftentimes challenging to find a restroom when we are in an unfamiliar building, and we usually just take a random guess of where to go and hope there is a restroom in that direction. In order to address this common issue, we built an app that finds the nearest and highest quality restroom. Currently, however, it finds your location and can give you directions to an address or building name, as this was our first time using these technologies and we initially did not realize how ambitious our idea was. In the future, we hope to implement a system to crowdsource rankings of restrooms (based on cleanliness, etc.), as well as provide directions to the restrooms once you are in a specific building (for example, turn left down the hall ahead and the restroom is on your right). To build this app, we used the routing API as well as the Google Places API to get addresses and coordinates and to generate routes and directions. We created the web app using the Angular 7 framework, where we were able to integrate these services onto our site. We used HTML and CSS to help create our web app and provide styling. We were unfamiliar with the languages and APIs we decided to use for this project, so we definitely had a bit of a slow start as we began to learn these new technologies, but we are proud that we were able to get multiple APIs to work together in our web app. We learned a lot about web development, especially the front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the Angular 7 framework. We also learned about how to interact with different APIs and about UI/UX. In the future, we plan to finish our initial plan of creating an app that can provide an interactive user experience for finding nearby and high-quality restrooms. We plan to add features, including the ability to review restrooms you've visited and access to more detailed directions. Overall, we are proud of how much we've learned over the course of this hackathon, and we are excited to continue using our new skills to improve Loocator.

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