When first coming to RIT it was an unfamiliar place. It was difficult to navigate to classes and buildings, let alone, but finding bathrooms was the most difficult part.

What it does

The Loocator app helps you locate a bathroom based on what building and floor you are in. For now we implemented the building Golisano and then it prompts the user to type in where the nearest room to them is. It then takes that data and outputs a image displaying a map of where the nearest male and female restrooms are.

How we built it

We used xcode in swift to build this ios app.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge that we all ran into was the fact that none of us knew how to use xcode or swift but all of us were motivated to.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Similar to before, we had no prior experiences on how to code in xcode/swift so the main accomplishment was learning how to use xcode/swift and creating a functioning app from scratch.

What we learned

How to use xcode, swift, and how to provide for the best user experience/ease.

What's next for Loocator

The next step for Loocator is to implement more buildings for the user to choose from (and have according floor plans based on that). For now we have Golisano as the only building options so we would add more academic buildings or even dorm side buildings.

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