Twitch chat implementation, sport related, melt

What it does

It's a game. You play it. You play and stream it on Twitch and your viewers chooses what enemies you'll face.

How we built it

Morland programmed using Unity, WaZelin made graphics with Krita. That's it.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing Twitch chat ended up being much harder than expected. Drawing 2D animations needed much more time than expected.

...Also Visual Studio stopped to autocomplete Unity keywords...

...And fire alarm(s)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It compiles. It works. It's actually playable. We are still alive.

What we learned

How to use Twitch chat in games, making 2D animation takes much more time than 3D.

What's next for Long Way To The Top

More enemies, more bosses, classes for hero, special skills for hero, loot and gear, music and soundeffects, background story cinematics, possibility for streamer to giveaway game keys when losing to chat.

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