Nowadays most of the VR and AR application are for the personal users and does not have positioning feature that limiting peple on the chairs. So we want AR/VR become an universal accessible/service everywhere.

What it does

It locate user's position that project the virtual coordinate onto the real world, then users are able to the the virtual things just like they are in the real.

How we built it

We used UWB module DWM1000 from DECAWAVE to build a positioning system. Then we put a webcam on the Oculus rift and use data from the DWM1000 through Unity.

Challenges we ran into

Building a workable PCB board for DWM1000 module. Calibrating the RF module. Design positioning algorithm and integrate everyting together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to see the actual world from the oculus rift, and we are able to walk around and stare at a "MIKU" 3d model from different position/orientation

What we learned

Unity 101. Problem solving, team work, stay up, keep awake.

What's next for Long-range augmented reality

Make the positioning algorithm perfect, and solve the coordinate system mapping projection problem.

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