Lone Archer is a simple, fast paced survival game mainly targeting mobile platforms, though supporting several others, including desktop and web. It involves surviving increasingly difficult waves of enemies using a bow and arrow in a top down shooter like fashion. In between waves, you can upgrade your character with various stat increases such as damage and speed, as well as various abilities such as explosive arrows and health regeneration. The game lasts up until your character is overrun and killed, so the objective is basically to survive as long as you possibly can.

This game wasn't inspired by any one game in particular. However, the control scheme was based off of Tilt To Live, which is a game where you tilt your phone to fly around avoiding enemies. I thought this worked a lot better than other games that used on screen arrow keys that you had to press down on to move. It fits better with mobiles and is a lot less complex or hard to get used to for the end user. This is also why I made it so you can simply click to aim your bow in the game as well, because it's ideal for the control scheme of a mobile game to be very simple and easy to understand (Note that in the showcase video, I used an analog stick to aim instead of clicking the screen so I could have a free hand to control my recording software).

My target user is any body with a smartphone who wants a simple game that they don't have to get too involved in to play. If you look at most of the top games in the app store, you'll notice they all have basic control schemes and simply, addictive game concepts. While my game isn't nearly as well polished as most of them, it does take after the idea of a simple, addictive game concept.

Overall, I'm proud of how I setup the GUI for the upgrade screen and options screen. They're not the best, but considering I'm not an artist, I think they turned out fairly well. I'm also proud of how I made it so the game can run on most every major platform to speak of, save windows phone. I also like how the game is fairly fun to play, which is the most important thing you want with any game. There are a lot of things that I'd like to improve on still, such as adding a larger variety of enemies and polishing the artwork, but I'm still proud of the overall product.

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