My coworker makes lolzzz which i'm a huge fan of. It's a stock market for memes with virtual money. I wanted a better way to navigate the memes on the market, so I created a responsive terminal to use with the site.

What it does

It pulls in all memes from the Lolzzz API and populates a table with their information. You can sort and filter the table down to whatever you want. Double clicking on a row will open the Lolzzz page for that meme.

How I built it

I used wpf to display a table of data that i retrieved from his Lolzzz API.

Challenges I ran into

JSON is trickier to work with in VB.Net than in Node, so i had to figure out how to convert the file into .net objects. Also, creating the API calls was tricky due to being async

What's next for Lolzzz Terminal

I'm going to integrate more things from the website to be editable directly from this terminal. This includes a chat using websockets and SignalR, posting orders, adding stocks to indexes, and sending an assistant on missions.

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