Everyone is a little bit different, which is why we created LollapaYOUza: Your personalized guide to Lollapalooza. With more than 150 bands on 8 stages it can be difficult to know where to begin when planning your perfect Lolla schedule. LollapaYOUza learns about your tastes to recommend bands you would enjoy at the festival.

Building a schedule is a snap. After connecting with Facebook or an e-mail address, answer 10 questions to teach LollapaYOUza about what you like. We'll use your tastes, Facebook likes, and the Hunch API to build a personalized schedule just for you.

Your schedule contains everything you need to get ready for Lollapalooza both before and during the event. The most excellent band for you is listed first. To see other artist recommendations in that time slot, swipe left or click on the dots under the band. Selecting a particular artist shows you when and where the band is playing, as well as a recommendation from your Lolla-monster about how much you'll like the show. Also on this page is a YouTube video of the band (courtesy of the Lollapalooza API) and a list of friends that we predict would enjoy the show. Clicking on the map icon will show the location of the stage where the artist is playing. Since Lollapalooza is best with friends, you can share your schedule via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

After the festival you can look back at your schedule and remember all the awesome shows you saw.

LollapaYOUza was created using the Lollapalooza API (for showtimes, venue information, YouTube videos, and photos) and the Hunch API for personalization. Your schedule is saved offline on your phone so you won't need internet access during the festival. As our application is a mobile webpage, it is fully functional on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Desktop computer, and any device that can display a mobile website.

Thanks for offering an awesome contest and the chance to build something fun for Lollapalooza.

Yours Musically, The LollapaYOUza Team

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