We all play league of legends, and we wanted to make a UI to track if you're in winners or losers queue, and we added a personality test for fun :)

What it does

Pulls match history from Riot API and calculates recent win rate from last 20 games, and determines if you are in winners or losers queue, or if you're hardstuck at 50% win rate. There is also a quiz that determines your personality based on the role you play

How I built it

We used tkinter as our UI, and used the riot api to gather data from League of Legends match history.

Challenges I ran into

What UI to use, downloading certain packages and resizing images

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Buttons that work, including pictures in our frames for our UI (we hadn't really done any kind of UI stuff) and getting our Riot API stuff to work

What I learned

Learned about APIs (specifically Riot API), got more experience with GitHub and tkinter

What's next for LoLFortuneTeller

Look into more information like win rate based on Blue side/Red side, or based on role/champion etc etc

Built With

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