With LOLeap, you don't need your keyboard while you are playing League of Legends. Every action is done by a simple gesture. Each gesture is distinctive, simple, AND making your gaming experience MUCH better. This is an amazing way of enjoying League-of-Legends. Also, you can customize shortcuts that is suitable for you by simply modifying setting.py. Did someone tell you go out and play instead of seating in front of computer? With LOLeap, your problem has solved. Now, playing LOL can be a real exercise not only for your champ but also for you. In addition to this, once you register our website using your Dropbox account, you can always have access to your customized settings. If you are an expert? Then, you can share your settings to your friends too, by using Dropbox! Welcome to REAL summoner's rift! (website: http://LOLeap.me) (main video link: http://youtu.be/dORdY15RKnI) (alternative video link: http://youtu.be/4L-lhOy2S8s)

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