I wanted to create a program that ties together cybersecurity, fun, programming, and networking.

What it does

It's a dangerous challenge for your computer, and must be executed with caution. It's a program that auto-replicates until the user stops the timer. Whichever computer can survive the longest wins. When the user stops the timer, the user sends a screen shot to the lolbat email. It's like a game of chicken - who will back off first? Who is going to risk gigbytes of gibberish being written in a directory, which could crash their OS, to be the Lolbat champion?! And the website is sweet.

"""I don't expect you guys to test this out for yourselves, I have a test env made. The files that are being replicated are harmless. The only risk is a system crash because of the amount of random data being written"""

How I built it

I used Python, then turned it to an .exe. I put the file on an aws server

Challenges I ran into

I had a difficult time working with aws (very complex) and I had trouble creating the replication program

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I proud of the website that I made. I really like designing websites and this is my best one yet.

What I learned

I learned how to use aws, register a domain, and learned how to create a .py to an .exe.

What's next for LolBat

Who knows? Maybe a GUI in the future? A feature that automatically emails the lolbat email?

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