Even though there are many fancy games in the digital world, real socialization, bonding and memories come from fooling around with friends. So I thought why don't I digitize this experience? Also, many small games have been given their digital avatars but try to laugh is a game that still remains solely in physical reality. This gives an interesting opportunity!

What it does

LOL lens is just a laugh counter, however simplest solutions provide the best answers. a group of friends can use this to challenge each other for a no-laugh tournament, amongst other games they can come up with. the simplicity of the tool is also what gives it flexibility.

How we built it

The tool was built with Javascript and API functionalities among other tools in the lens studio. Being a beginner to lens studio, simplicity was prioritized from the beginning.

Challenges we ran into

learning scripting and lens studio was a hurdle, but never the less was a great experience! Even though connected lens scripts were tried, the final results were glitchy. several workarounds were tried however, the best solution was found to simplify the design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a lens for the first time is definitely something I am proud of!

What we learned

It was a great experience about scripting, testing, debugging and overall product development!

What's next for LOL!

adding more features such as persistant scores, leaderboards and in game rewards like titles will bring in a more competitive spirit.

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