When we first heard Human Trafficking, Child Trafficking came into our minds instantly. Children kidnapping is a major issue in China. Children are our future but unfortunately an estimated 1.2 million children are kidnapped every year. They are exploited for child labor and beggar, forced to become sex workers, and put up for illegal adoption. Millions of families suffer from heart-break and grief of losing a child. We want parents to be aware that their children are missing as soon as possible, so we created Lokidor to help.

Feature & Function:

The basic function is to identify the normal route pattern for children. When a child leaves the allowable area, parents receive a priority alert.

The special features about Lokidor is that we used a weighting system to set up the severity of alert. Also, to respect the child’s privacy, parents can only locate their children when they receive the alert.

Location Schedule & Emergency Alert & Heatmap & Modalize pattern & Abnormal analyze & Data as a service


Java Spring MVC, flutter, machine learning, python

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