How To Use

  1. Sync all of your contacts into the app, and organizing them based on criteria such as "Friend" or "Enemy"
  2. Look for other people in the area that you may want to add to contacts
  3. Adjust your settings to give you either defaults overhead notifications or Outlook Mail notifications
  4. Get notified when someone approaches with a unique sound for each person
  5. Take action by either initiating a video call to stall them or just say "Hi"


  • Connected with Moxtra API to allow video calls and collaboration between different teams that may not necessarily be meeting in the same room but are still within proximity of each other.
  • Add contacts from your contact list and organize them into categories such as "Friend" or "Enemy" so you have different proximity detection notifications.
  • Login with Microsoft Mail to receive mail notifications when big things happen, like if your child gets lost
  • Personalized sound or alarm when friend or enemy approaches


  • Collaboration between different teams at a conference, or between different people on the go.
  • Detecting stalkers
  • Making sure you do not run into that enemy of yours
  • Meet up with a friend that you did not know was near you
  • See who is behind the door
  • Make sure you don't crash into someone when turning the corner
  • Do things with peace of mind since you will know if someone approaches you (whether they are in contacts or not)


  • Machine learning for emotion detection in images, so when you are notified that your mom is approaching you, you can raise up your phone and see if she's really out to get you
  • Detailed profiles and social network to allow friends to setup meetings at coffeeshops in between them or etc

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