As a team, we've collectively noticed that airport seating has lacked updates that other aspects of aviation have experienced in recent years. There is an opportunity to provide a better product to travelers.

What it does

Our design reduces the inconveniences of air travel, primarily flight delays. Features that accomplish this include, a reclining seats, temporary storage capabilities, and plentiful charging ports.

How we built it

3D modeling software to conceive a preliminary design. See PowerPoint for many further details of the design process.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with an original idea that would improve the air traveler experience, cost analysis, and dimensioning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Final product is comprehensive and considers many design aspects in detail.

What we learned

How total strangers can come together in a short period of time to design something useful.

What's next for LokBox Seating

Profession ergonomic analysis, high fidelity modeling (screws, chamfers, etc.)

Built With

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