Inspiration: When executing 2fa it is a hassle to have to open an app, like Google Auth, each time to get the code to re-enter into the 2nd authentication. We wanted to find a way to make it more convenient for the user but still keeping a strong level of security.

What it does : LoGo allows the user to register with our 2fa demo website by getting a random generated Hex code when first registering the phone. This code is then paired with the server-side by connecting to our API and being stored. Then the user is able to go onto the demo-site and login with the first identification factor of username and password. The site then calls for the location of the user's phone and the location of the computer that is on the site. If the two devices are in a certain range from each other then the 2nd factor will be met and the user will be logged on.

How I built it: Logo was built with a website containing a server that holds all user information, an ios app that stores the unique hex code, and an API that passes all of the information back and forth.

Challenges I ran into: Challenges were figuring out how to create an API and then pass the location information to the server to be compared. Tried to implement the LoGo app in Android also but ran into enough issues to concentrate full time on the ios app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Finishing the LoGo website and app, with not only functionality but also a sleak design. Coming together as a team and accomplishing this goal.

What I learned

What's next for LoGo: Hoping to fully implement the android app and implement a push notification sent to the app when the website is trying to complete the 2fa by getting the location.

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