• Need for respirators around the globe, we have them but they are not in the hotspots and people need them to confront this crisis!
  • need for other medical equipment and supplies that could be coordinated at a global scale to help the world!

What it does

It’s a DB of equipment, supplies and shipping partners that can track condition, location and estimated need duration. Will be used to coordinate relief efforts, logistics and ETA for requested equipment.

How I built it

Not built yet but premise would be to make it easily customizable for events, areas etc...

Challenges I ran into

No web solution would be perfect but the point is to make it easy to use and add to by so many people so that it can continue to be used beyond any of us!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Logistics app for world resources

Build a prototype from global, scalable, cloud based web apps that will be available for all.

Built With

  • cloud
  • database
  • easy-user-interface-like-sharepoint-or-similar
  • google-office
  • hadoop
  • oracle
  • sharepoint
  • sql-server
  • web-interface
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