The elderly who have shaky hands might be hard to precisely select items using the mouse, or clearly read text when on-line surfing.

How I built it

We use the C# and Unity3d API provided by Logitech, developed the use case where the elderly can zoom in a screen area to ease the selection of interactive element, hear the text read aloud on webpage, and share interesting content with friends.

Challenges I ran into

Logitech challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Get to learn Logitech API, which is quite interesting, I would like to further investigate and might build some projects later.

What I learned

Teamwork: how to merge individuals' contribution to a team's deliverable; how to communicate within the team. Visualization of tech ideas: better to explain the application and its use scenario, instead of digging deep into technical details.

What's next for LogiHack

Develop the use case further and make a better working prototype

Built With

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