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As college students, we spend a great part of our lives in school (some more than 20 years already!). We found out that lectures are boring (I guess we had a very boring life :'). Especially when the topic is especially hard, like digital logic. In order to improve the class experience, we decided to develop a tool that greatly increases the interactivity of the class, and allows students to experience the topic directly. LogicBoard was born.

What it does

It provides an on Cloud E-Learning platform for digital logic. Features:

  • Web server and REST API in the cloud to share the digital logic designs
  • Professor can upload a project students can download, view and modify
  • Students can modify the project and upload the changes
  • Projects can be shared by multiple users to allow study groups

How We Built It

We used Unity3D game engine and C# to develop the simulator for the digital logic circuit, and provide multi-platform support. We used the combo PHP, Apache, and MySQL over an Amazon EC2 instance to host the website for the project and provide the REST API for the sharing functionalities. Finally, we used 3DMax to design beautiful and appealing components.

Challenges we ran into

We registered the domain http://LogicBoard.com, but for some reason the DNS took a lot of time to propagate. Polishing the user interface required an extensive amount of time. Time was challenging for us, we faced tons of technical issues in the given 24h but with the great teamwork we solved and finished our project on time and it is ready to test on this link:

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are impressed of ourselves for having implemented an almost complete multi-platform application and the respective website and APIs in only 24h. LogicBoard provides features that are present in pay to use softwares, and it has the exclusivity for this type of tools to provide the ability to modify, upload, and share the circuit across multiple people.

What we learned

Unity3D is a great tool for developers. In just few hours a person can get decently comfortable with the environment and be productive. Few tools offer such power. Amazon EC2 proved again to be the best companion for the web developers that need to quickly deploy a web server and a REST API end point.

What's the next for logic board

There is still much work to polish the application, but the basic functionalities are already in place and we are potentially ready to publish on Android store. Some features that would be worth to add are those that increase the interactivity and usefulness of LogicBoard as an E-Learning platform, that would make it compete with much more expensive products, e.g.,:

  • project can be uploaded by the students and checked automatically to get a grade
  • students can share their design on a public library
  • students can download the designs of other students an import them in their own personal libraries
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posted an update

1 Hour Left

Final Touches

  • Adding some minor functionalities
  1. reset board
  2. color connections
  3. log-in
  4. etc
  • Debugging here and there

  • Merging the changes

  • Building Applications for:

  1. Widows
  2. Android
  3. Mac
  4. Web
  • Putting down a nice presentation

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