Inspiration My Daughter has been working with Alexa devices (Echo Show, Echo and Dot) from last two years, she has made a lot of Alexa Skills and has even participated in Intel's ISEF 2017 competition representing India. She has built a range of Logic Gate circuit on breadboard and shared the stepwise approach on her youtube channel and blogs on her website. We wanted Alexa skills to be part of her Logic Gates building story.

What it does: The Skill explains about all the Logic Gates with the help of Truth Table and Symbol to a learner.

How we built it: We created a simple interaction model wherein a user is introduced to Logic Gates and Alexa takes the user through an interactive journey of logic gates

Challenges we ran into: We wanted a step-wise hands on approach to be covered as a part of this story but felt short of time. So initially this skill is only able to introduce the user with all the logic gates and because of the non availability of the follow up skills (separate step wise skills for AND, OR, NAND, NOR, EXOR, EXNOR and NOT Gates) we had to keep this version as a simple interactive model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We always wanted an Alexa skill to be part of our learning environment and our work on Logic Gates with youtube and blog is now complemented by this skill. A user will be able to even play the youtube vidoes on the Echo Show devices.

What we learned: Echo Show is the best interactive learning platform which provides a perfect Voice and Touch based learning experience to a user.

What's next for Logic Gates: We are working on making 7 more skills as part of our Logic Gates Story with a systematic hands on approach using Echo Show

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