What fosters you the most when trying to exercise? Music is your answer. But not any kind of music, energetic music, depending on how you would like to workout, if the music fits your workout, you achieve an immersive musical experience.

What it does

Logi-runner is a mobile application that solves the problem of generating the musical experience of your running training. Every runner can select the time of the session, the intensity of running and the kind of training they want to do in order to automatically generate the music experience that better fits that runner. With this information, the application creates a music playlist that follows these constraints in order to achieve the best musical experience while training.

How we built it

We've developed this application in Android using Spotify's API.

The values defined for the training time are

  • Short : 20 min
  • Medium : 40 min
  • Long : 60 min

Intensity of running:

In Spotify we can find the energy of a song. It is a measure from 0.0 to 1.0 and represents a perceptual measure of intensity and activity. Typically, energetic tracks feel fast, loud, and noisy. For example, death metal has high energy, while a Bach prelude scores low on the scale. Perceptual features contributing to this attribute include dynamic range, perceived loudness, timbre, onset rate, and general entropy.

  • Low : [0.4, 0.6)
  • Medium : [0.6 - 0.8)
  • High : [0.8, 1]

Types of training

  • Rising
  • Irregular

With the intensity of training what we do is to generate the perfect playlist, whose songs fit the best with the beat of the music.

Challenges we ran into

We actually tried to connect the FitBit Smartwatch to our Android App through Bluetooth in order to implement an application for the watch but, after several hours trying some hacks we couldn't do it, so we desisted.

What's next for Logi-runner

Adding a better connection between FitBit and Logi-runner in order to provide more feedback and alerts when the runner is not following the rythim it has defined at the beggining of the training. The main idea is to set some values for the heart beat and make them fit with the rythm of the music and the expected intensity of the training. When the heart beat doesn't match, then you get a notification saying you must change the running rythm.

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