From our quick research we saw a need for a quick and easy way for locals interested in connecting with local wood producers and help provide education about local wood products.

What it does

At the end of the day, it is a very basic website that allows wood producers to add themselves to a directory in which other can find and contact them for services. This can provide a network and community which can promote the local economy and help create a similar movement to the Farm to Plate initiative. This website can also serve as a way to promote the local forestry industry through educational documents and practitioner information. We hope that this website/community helps strengthen the already close knit community in Vermont and the Northeast.

How I built it

Due to internet challenges, we only created a mock up website.

Challenges I ran into

The internet.

What's next for logged in

Beyond actually making a functioning website, we think Logged in can be strengthened by initiatives that encourage use and participation in the website. In addition, advertisement in local magazines (e.g., Northern Logger, Northern Woodlands) and through industry related gatherings (e.g., Logger Expo) can help build this idea into reality.

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