LogBook is the new solution to equity in group projects.

Within many schools and universities today peer-evaluation software exists for teams to incentivize more equitable group projects. The problem with these softwares, however, is that they are subject to many biases. Students grades may be subject to change based on personal relationships, selfishness from their teammates wanting to receive a higher grade, or even unreasonable expectations from their teammates forcing the students to be held hostage by their marks. This discourages students and also provides a poor reflection of their performance. LogBook changes this. Through the use of a simple web application, LogBook allows users to join various groups and teams, in both school or professional environments. Users can be assigned tasks with various weightings based on their importance to the end result, and upon completion of these tasks earn points. Their final grades or performance can then be seen as how much they contributed relative to the other group members. Thus, their performance is based purely on their contributions to the project, and not on personal grudges or selfishness on the part of their teammates. LogBook has the potential to change the way groups function within schools and professional environments, and make the world an even more efficient and fair work environment for all.

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