Logalytics provides Salesforce Administrators and Developers with a near real-time, intelligent activity feed of operational events. Salesforce1 provides the framework for incident management, collaboration, and remediation of alerts reported by Logalytics.

SECURITY The Logalytics continuous monitoring service, running on Heroku, analyzes Salesforce LoginHistory and enriches login events with data from Maxmind, a 3rd party geocoding a fraud detection API. Admins are notified via mobile of suspicious login activity. Examples of security related events monitored are:

  • Concurrent Logins
  • Open Proxy Logins
  • Failed Login Attempts

ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE Admins can freeze users in response to flagged login activity using the latest v29 SOAP API features. Tasks and Cases can be created with one tap for follow-up within Salesforce1.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT Significant changes to Profiles, such as "View All" and "Modify All" permissions, are actively monitored via the metadata API and alerts raised when metadata changes. Changes to standard and custom objects are also monitored.

NOTIFICATIONS In-app and push notifications are delivered to Admins using the Chatter Mention API.

REMEDIATION Tasks and Cases created by Logalytics are only a finger swipe away from the activity feed, allowing Admins to resolve incidents directly from their phone.

INSIGHTS Login activity trends are displayed in time-series line charts. Admins gain deeper insight into when users are logging in, how often, from where, with what apps, and using which platforms.

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