Mobile distractions are a uniquely 21st century problem for today's children, especially us teens. With countless distractions plaguing our junior year at Princeton High School, Princeton, NJ it's hard for us to adequately prepare for our standardized testing. We believe that a lot of mental muscle memory should be reinforced at a young age so that our generation and the one below us should not be missing building blocks in our academic foundation.

How it works

We knew that we could not implement every single subject, so we stuck with something common in our Java roots, math. With the subject in mind we proceded to think of ways to require kids to solve problems continuously. A system was devised to lock a child out of the mobile device if they did not answer the questions. Children were rewarded for their correct answers with a jelly bean. These jelly beans are then redeemed for free time on the device. Parents are required to set the amount of time rewarded for a jelly bean; a lower number keeps them practicing more often. They also have to option to implement basic arithmetic with decimals and, of course, integers.

Challenges I ran into

We knew that it would be hard to become acquainted with the the Android Studio in twenty-four hours and for one of us both HTML and CSS for the website. After much experimentation it was found out that allocating memory for the app was very different from everything we had encountered. We also tried to integrate a website with the app, but found out that we cant publish without a domain and server. So we settled with an info website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We worked as a group of three to finish an astonishing project having no hackathon experience at all.

What I learned

Teamwork, organization, and communication are key. HTML and CSS basics we learned by one of us. The other two learned to collaborate with an unfamiliar environment (the android studio).

What's next for log(Child)+

We plan to finish all of our features in-app and then learn the necessary web design and networking for the parental account database.

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