As more and more research is done on the ancient art of meditation, more and more doctors are recommending it for their patients. Recent studies have shown that meditation promotes not only mental health, but also physical health in those who practice it. Locus is an application for the Pebble smart watch which trains users how to meditate more effectively. Locus gathers data about the user's meditative state through the use of the Neurosky Mindwave EEG headset and uses this information to provide haptic feedback to the user by vibrating the Pebble's motors. By matching their respiratory rate to rhythm of the vibrations, the user eases into a peaceful and focused meditative state. As Locus senses that the user hones their meditative skills, it offers less and less aid until the user can achieve true focus on their own. Think of Locus as your training wheels on the path to Zen.

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