It is always very frustrating to look for a washroom during emergency situations. Toilet might be out of service, only one stall available, or not accessible by wheelchair. LocRate is the all-in-one solution.

What it does

Search the building, and the output would be the washroom location and relevant details such as number of stalls, accessibility etc.

How we built it

Using C# and xaml in Visual Studio.

Challenges we ran into

As a 2-person team, we need to be very efficient in multitasking. We split up the work so that we can accomplish the task. We also have very limited knowledge in these languages because we mainly use MatLab for our coursework. We have to learn the languages and implement them successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are both first-time hackers and we have very limited knowledge in these languages. We are very proud that we made it work!

What we learned

We learned how to build a website using C# and xaml

What's next for LocRate

This is only our first trial. For future work, we hope to expand in the following categories.

  1. Locate all washroom in UBC
  2. Locate couches/ showers/ water fountains/ Microwaves / AED/ ATM/ Vending Machines / Outlet etc.
  3. Get user reviews of toilet cleaniness.
  4. Suggest location of toilet according to the user's current location.

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