I wanted to get my local community talking and sharing real, in-the-moment, uncensored stories. I personally see the doctored/prepped content we find online as a problem. It's all part of my mission to get people outside and talking again.

How it works

Your location is used to get relevant posts and you're free to share pictures, videos, and text posts.

Challenges I ran into

First ever app (coming from a game background) so everything was a new challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Loco Posto has thousands of users, freely sharing what they want.

What I learned

Design your UI around your features. Sounds really obvious but it's an easy mistake to make. Example: I wanted the majority of content to be pictures and videos, yet in the design the textbox took up 80% of the post window. This made the pictures and video buttons unnoticeable and unimportant.

What's next for Loco Posto

Loco Posto will potentially be simplified and rereleased.

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